Tours and Activities

The Island Hub is part of the upscale and adventurous Red Frog Beach Island Resort, so travelers can access authentic island tours. 


Canopy Tour Zipline

Elevated on the island hilltops near the Villas at Red Frog Beach, you will soar through the rainforest canopy, discovering unique island ecology and feel moments of adrenaline. One of the top-rated tours in Bocas Del Toro and universally enjoyed by everyone…an unforgettable experience and highly recommended!

Seven ziplines suspended among the lush canopy at the top of the island. The experience is as beautiful as it is fun!

• 2 hour tour – 3 times daily

• $55 per person, $20 for zipline photos


El Susurro Spa

A spa unlike anything else you have experienced -  found in a hidden valley of the island! Spot the waterfall and feel the pulse of nature all around.

• Seven different treatments offered

• $15 to $95


Dolphin Bay - Coral Cay - Zapatilla Island

An incredible adventure in the Caribbean into the National Marine park. We will meet dolphins, snorkel and relax on the beaches of Zapatilla Cays.

• Includes bottle of water, snacks, snorkel equipment

• Lunch can be added for a cost at Crawl Key

• Additional $10/person cash paid at Park entrance

• 5 hour tour

• $75 per person